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                           WELCOME TO CC’S HOUSE,

                       OUR FAMILY CHILD CARE CENTER




At CC’s House, our goal is to assure your child’s happiness.  Based in tender loving care, we strive to instill friendly social skills first and foremost.  We build self-esteem and self-confidence.  As our children grow, they learn in a family oriented environment.  The worlds of reading, colors, shapes, numbers, letters and the arts open up to them on a daily basis. We especially love music and dance.  We also love laughter and free play.  We offer three different types of play yards for outdoor activities.


We provide excellent one-on-one care, nourishing meals and a sanitary environment.  We are devoted to your child’s security and feeling of well-being.  Our staff is certified in Pediatric CPR, First Aid and Water Safety, and is committed to your child’s health and safety. 


Parents are welcome to come and go at any time during the day and are encouraged to call and/or text whenever a thought comes to mind.  We value your input and are always open to new ideas, as well as to parents checking in on their little guys. 









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