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                    About Our Schedule


Our hours are from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.  Our day goes pretty much like this (although babies and toddlers have a way of changing things around...they sort of own us) :


                           7:30 -   9:00  -  arrivals and free play with toys and staff


                                       9:00 - 10:00  -  breakfast


                                     10:00 - 11:00  -  outdoor activities and/or art projects


                                     11:00 - 12:00  -  circle time (i.e., reading, exercize, music, flash cards)


                                     12:00  -  1:00  -  lunch


                                       1:00  -  2:00  -  outdoor activities and/or indoor free play


                                       2:00  -  4:00  -  afternoon nap *


                                       4:00  -  5:00  -  wake-up time, afternoon snack


                                       5:00  -  5:30  -  get ready to go home


* Our infants naturally sleep on and off at will and our one-year-olds usually have an 

  additional morning nap. 


About Our Foods & Provisions




Breakfast at CC’s house is normally either eggs, French toast, pancakes, waffles, quiche, or cereal, with fresh fruits, and either turkey sausage or one of a variety of vegetarian breakfast sides.






          Monday                                           Tuesday                                  Wednesday

               Tilapia                                            Grilled Chicken                        Spinach & Carrot Pasta

               Mixed Vegetables                          Corn on the Cob                      Wheat bread & butter

               Applesauce                                    Pea Chips                                Sliced Grapes



          Thursday                                         Friday

                Turkey Stew                                 Cheese Pizza

                Cheese Sticks                              Sliced Cucumbers

                Corn Bread                                   Pineapple



We serve organic milk and/or filtered water with lunch, and children always have water throughout the day (water is served in assigned steel Thermos bottles).  We also have “milk time” before nap.  Please feel free to have your child bring lunch on any day that you think he or she may prefer to have a choice of their own.  We work to accommodate any special diets.


Afternoon snacks are served after nap, examples being crackers and milk or fresh fruit and yoghurt or rice cakes and cheese, etc. (depends upon what the menu for the day has been).




Other provisions:  We supply bibs, wipies diapering ointments, sunscreen and over-the-counter

                       medications (with parental permission) such as fever reducers and teething pain

                       relievers .  










                About Our Book
For toddlers experiencing separation anxiety,  CC Couchois' interactive book is available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or via all E-books!


This book was inspired by a two-year-old little boy, Noah (his name is being mentioned with permission from his parents), who came to CC's House and had an extremely difficult time separating from his mommy.  It was pretty hard on mommy too.  There were books about this, but none involving the child in an interactive way. Thus, this book came into being.  Speaking directly to the child and sharing illustrations, this little book has helped to provide much needed comfort and relief for many children, as well as parents,  embarking on their daycare journey! 

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